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If you’re an Executive Search Firm looking for strategic support to fill executive-level positions such as President, Vice President, Chancellor, Dean and other high-level functions, JobElephant provides effective consultation and support that can help increase the success of finding qualified candidates for leadership positions.

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Finding qualified, high-level talent is a difficult process that can easily take a year or more to complete.

While JobElephant does not screen the candidates or collect resumes for specific postings, we play an invaluable role in supporting executive firms’ search process. Executive positions generally require a larger budget for greater reach, and the focus can shift towards niche publications or display/print ads. JobElephant tracking data becomes a valuable tool many executive search firms rely on to place ads in the correct publications as well as to evaluate performance – adjusting accordingly as the process unfolds.

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for overworked, understaffed, or non-existent HR departments.

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