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Strategies for Building a Diverse and Inclusive Workforce – Insights for Leaders

It’s well-known that workplaces prioritizing diversity and inclusion tend to have higher job satisfaction rates among employees, thus driving performance as well as greater creativity and innovation.

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Blended Workforces Podcast

The episode covers JobElephant’s data driven insights in recruitment advertising, the use of AI in talent acquisition and the challenges and opportunities in today’s hiring landscape.

Streamlining Hiring Efforts: Michael Ang’s Visionary Approach at Job Elephant!

Join us as we delve into the world of recruitment advertising with Michael Ang, the visionary CEO of Job Elephant. With a mission to take the work out of your job, Job Elephant specializes in providing expert recruitment advertising services, allowing employers to focus on what they do best.

Streamlining Talent Acquisition

A.I. in Talent Acquisition: Talking TA with Andrew Gardiner

In this podcast, Denise Chapman interviews Andrew Gardiner from The HireKey about the use of AI in talent acquisition. They discuss how AI is already being used to automate tasks such as prescreening candidates and assessing their fit for a job. However, they also point out that AI is not a magic bullet and that it still needs to be calibrated and integrated with existing systems in order to be effective.

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