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JobElephant’s technology delivers quality recruitment advertising that is creating a better way for today’s companies and institutions to find qualified employees – all at no additional charge.

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“JobElephant has more data than anyone else. They have the technology and analytics that take the guesswork out of placing ads.”

Real, actionable results backed by analytics

Advertising for new hires requires time, effort, and money; only JobElephant offers clients the data to run a fact-based cost benefit analysis. Many venues sound great, maybe they have a name that mirrors your industry or needs, or they flaunt their millions of users. But do you really know? Are there actual clicks? Is there real, current engagement? This is where JobElephant technology, analytics, and experience rises above the competition. Our clients get real, actionable results while saving money and maximizing resources.

Choices, choices, choices…

Are your ads running in the right places? How are the vendors selected? By name? Traffic? Best-guess? How are they performing? When you choose JobElephant, we manage those vendor relationships and their performance through analytic data driven solutions.

Advertise where your people are

Depending on your scope, needs, and budgets, your ads may appear in 5, 10, 15, 20 or 50 different places, maybe more. When compared to manual or “gut-instinct” ad placements, JobElephant stands alone in our ability to provide analytic based, position-specific media recommendations that maximize ROI.


Site traffic does not necessarily equal results. JobElephant tracks your ad, how many people saw it, and how many clicked the apply link from that specific media source. Those analytics, that are shared with you, are the backbone of JobElephant accountability.

Keep all of your job postings current with JobWrap.

JobElephant’s JobWrap system imports all of your employment opportunities from your career site(s) or Applicant Tracking System (ATS). This allows us to automatically update all job listings across all strategically pre-determined job boards – saving you a tremendous amount of time and money.

Apptrkr® – Providing data to maximize ROI

“How did you hear about this job?” Chances are, your organization asks this question of applicants, and the answers may vary from “newspaper” to “internet” to “your website”. But how did the applicant actually get to your page to find the job? Even if you get a specific answer, it’s voluntary and may not be reliable data. Apptrkr by JobElephant is a proprietary analytic solution that tracks the response rate and source of all recruitment ads placed by JobElephant.

Horton® The analytic driven advertising recommendation engine.

Horton by JobElephant is a powerful, predictive analytic tool that saves money by placing your job posting in the right places the first time.