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At JobElephant we leverage proprietary technology and research to make strategic recruitment ad placements to bring you the perfect candidates.

Whether you’re struggling to attract top talent or tired of wasting resources on unsuccessful campaigns, we’re here to revolutionize your recruitment advertising. Contact us today and discover how JobElephant can transform the way you recruit.

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At JobElephant we make recruiting easier – not harder.

As experts in targeted recruitment advertising, our clients rely on us for personalized service, strategic planning, and technology-driven solutions that deliver results. With JobElephant, there are no hidden fees or extra charges. We’re compensated directly by the advertising vendors, meaning you pay nothing beyond the ad insertions.

Technology, Analytics, & Experience

Advertising for new hires requires time, effort, and money, only JobElephant offers clients the data to run a fact-based cost benefit analysis. Many venues sound great, maybe they have a name that mirrors your industry or needs, or they flaunt their millions of users, and so on. But do you really know? Are there actual clicks? Is there real, current engagement? This is where JobElephant technology, analytics, and experience rises above our competition. Our clients get real, actionable results while saving money and maximizing resources.

Online & Print Ad Placement Consultation & Direction

Choosing the right advertising platforms, print, online, or a combination of both, can vary from company to company and job to job. Many of our clients use a mixture of print and online advertising to ensure the widest coverage for their ads. At JobElephant we monitor thousands of newspapers, trade journals, and websites, around the world to provide recruitment solutions that address your unique requirements.

Client Advocacy

JobElephant partners with our clients for the long haul. To help maximize your advertising dollars, our recommendations are unbiased and based on historical, analytical ROI data. JobElephant always looks for the best available rates for you.

Advertising Creation (Graphic Design)

For those clients that don’t have in-house personnel or a dedicated agency, the JobElephant staff includes full-time art direction and design personnel. Our staff of design consultants can help make your ads “pop” and stand out. Art direction services are available at no additional charge for ads that we place.

Budget Management

Whether your company, organization, or school is large or small, public, or private – everyone wants to know where the money went, and what was achieved. JobElephant works closely with clients to manage budgets and cash flow. Our clients have clarity and easy access to their analytical data and ROI in the form of updated reports and quick-responding client service representatives.

Itemized Billing & Tearsheet

What did it cost? What did it look like? Did it really run? Whether it’s for a presentation, a budget meeting, proof of execution, or any number of pre and post flight meetings and discussions, our clients have 24/7 access to real, hard numbers, and facts. JobElephant clients are never in the dark. Our services include detailed billing and dedicated client services personnel, so you can make decisions and answer questions with authority and confidence.

Technology, analytics, and experience

JobElephant stands alone in our ability to provide analytic based, position-specific ad placements that maximize ROI.

“JobElephant does all the heavy lifting. They’ve created a new customer expectation of service and results.”


JobElephant’s cPortal ( allows clients to directly access tearsheets (copies of placed ads), invoices and billing history, as well as submit jobs for quote requests, approve paid advertising and pay for ads once an invoice is received. All stages of the recruitment advertising process can be implemented, monitored, and confirmed through our cPortal. This completes the circle of customer service at JobElephant, allowing clients the ability to access their orders 24/7.

Exclusively for Employers

JobElephant specializes in recruitment advertising for companies and organizations. We are not for individual job seekers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you place ads anywhere?

Absolutely! We are a full service recruitment ad placement agency with long standing relationships with thousands of publications. Whether it’s the New York Times or the most obscure niche journal, we place and track ads. Think of us as a broker for any job board, journal, newspaper and media source in the world.

Zero additional fees?

That’s correct, because JobElephant is paid by the advertising vendors, there are no additional costs beyond the ad insertion. We made the decision many years ago to grow our business through the standard agency commission from the publications, not our clients. Going through us is the same price as going direct.

Do you have minimums?

No. Many clients start out by sending us a few jobs to understand our process first hand. Once they see how easy working with JobElephant to create and place your ads is, we end up managing all of their recruitment advertising.

Do you require contracts?

Most clients don’t want a contract and this works very much to your benefit. We work extremely hard with the understanding that clients can walk away at any time. Every order is of equal importance. We are happy to enter into a contract agreement upon client’s request.

What is the standard turnaround time?

In most circumstances, same business day. Once we receive an ad for a quote, we will typically send the client a price quote and proof within a few hours. Once we receive client approval, the ad is placed in the queue to post. Our automation feed will batch it to the publications within minutes.

Can you invoice different departments?

Yes. Our invoicing is all electronic via email so we can separate costs for one company or institution by department. We can even break up the invoicing from one campaign to split between departments. Remember at JobElephant we make recruiting easier – not harder.