Scalable Automation

JobElephant’s expert personnel and proprietary automation technology allows for scalability for and client of any size.

At JobElephant we have the capability to batch and upload hundreds of jobs at a time to over 100 of the most widely used media outlets. Regardless of the size of your institution our speed and efficiency are the same whether you place 1 job per week or over 100.

“JobElephant progressive technology enables every recruitment to be electronically fed to our standard advertising sources for our job postings.”


JobElephant’s cPortal ( allows clients to directly access tearsheets (copies of placed ads), invoices and billing history, as well as submit jobs for quote requests, approve paid advertising and pay for ads once an invoice is received. All stages of the recruitment advertising process can be implemented, monitored, and confirmed through our cPortal. This completes the circle of customer service at JobElephant, allowing clients the ability to access their orders 24/7.

How JobWrap Works

A free service by JobElephant

Feeds, Sweeps, Scrapes – whatever you want to call it, JobWrap allows you to keep all of your job postings current.

In order to automatically identify new postings, edits to current postings, or deleted postings, every night, JobElephant’s JobWrap system imports all employment announcements from your career sites(s) or Applicant Tracking System (ATS) into the JobElephant Ad Control System. Any and all updated job listings are immediately released to strategically determined job boards. Our precise, automated “mirroring” with client websites coupled with the manual verification of data integrity ensures the accuracy. For clients with more than one primary media resource for their recruitment advertising, this FREE service will save considerable money by avoiding the fees charged by most job boards to set up a sweeping/scraping service, as well as those charged by ATSs for customizing software to work with external sites. Our Job Wrap requires no technological help from your ATS, Human Resource information System, or the job board media and will work with nearly all client websites. For you, it’s set it…and forget it. Get started by calling 1-800-311-0563. We’ll take it from there.

To save you a tremendous amount of time, JobElephant can wrap your job site once a day and then automatically post your jobs externally to any or all existing contracted job sites.

Technology, analytics, and experience

JobElephant stands alone in our ability to provide analytic based, position-specific ad placements that maximize ROI.