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Over 900 colleges and universities rely on JobElephant for recruitment advertising for faculty, staff and executives.

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While JobElephant can work with any company in any industry, we have built a strong specialization in the space of higher education.

JobElephant posts hundreds of thousands of ads per year for schools around the world. Our analytics combined with extensive experience will help you navigate the maze of publications while providing data that ensure your advertising is placed in the most effective media.

For universities we can find:

  • Professors
  • Administrators
  • Chancellors
  • Presidents
  • Adjunct Instructors
  • Financial Aid Officers
  • Athletic Instructors
  • Coaches & Administrators
  • And other academic professionals

Making Higher Education Recruitment Advertising Easy

Analytics & Tracking

Make Recruitment More Effective

Diversity Recruitment

That Meet Your Goals & Needs

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We’ve used JobElephant’s services since 2016 and have been satisfied with the timely customer service as well as the prompt advertising of our active job postings. This partnership has ensured that our employment opportunities are visible across multiple platforms, and has allowed us to more efficiently use our internal resources to focus on more strategic goals.”