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Effective December 1, 2006, Jobelephant.com Inc. has replaced the current tearsheet fulfillment process with a web-based system. We're excited to offer this new service and we think it will be a positive change for our clients.

An electronic tearsheet is a PDF file containing an exact image of the page on which your printed advertisement ran. Our new system enables you to access and store all your electronic tearsheets.

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To create an e-Tearsheet account, or to request additional information, please contact the tearsheet department.


As soon as Jobelephant receives a tearsheet from the publisher, you will have immediate access to the tearsheet from your online account -- no more waiting for tearsheets to arrive in the mail. And, you can view tearsheets along with the related invoices 24 hours a day.


E-tearsheets are easily accessible through our Web site - simply log in to your account to search for tearsheets beginning April, 2006. Use search features such as issue date, date range, order number, or client name (for agencies). Detailed information for each ad is provided.


The e-tearsheet is a resized file of the same one used to lay out your ad in print. The PDF file you print from our Web site can fit on to a regular sheet of paper. You can make as many copies as you want and even download and save your e-tearsheet file on your computer. You can also print the invoice related to your tearsheet.


First you must contact Jobelephant to create a user name (your email address) and a password for each user. Our system allows for more than one user per account and for multiple accounts per user should you have sub-accounts for billing purposes.

Email info@jobelephant.com or call 1-800-311-0563 to create your login & password.

Once you have a log in & password, point your web browser to http://tearsheets.jobelephant.com and login. Select the account you want to work with (for most users, you will only have one account). Select the invoice you want to view. Once the invoice is on your screen, to the far left are checkboxes next to the ads with tearsheets available. Click to "view" your tearsheet on a per ad basis. All tearsheets are saved in the Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) file format which is available for all major computer operating systems. Depending on your web browsers capabilities, you should be able to view, save to disk, and/or print the tearsheet.


1) Why is Jobelephant replacing printed tearsheets with the electronic version?

This new system is a more efficient method of delivering tearsheets to those advertisers who want them. In the past, we devoted significant resources to include a printed tearsheet along with invoices. Additional resources were needed to fulfill tearsheet requests after the publication date (i.e. lost tearsheets). With this new system, advertisers can access their tearsheets online by simply logging into the system via the web and obtain current, old and missing tearsheets dating back to July 1, 2006. The system is available 24 hours a day. We believe that this automated, self-serve system is a better resource for our customers and a more efficient source for our customers to view and print their ads. Another reason for this change, is due to the fact that all major newspapers have already switched to e-tearsheets and will begin charging for printed copies.

2) When did this start?

We have been electronically archiving tearsheets since July 1, 2006. You can access any tearsheet after July 1, 2006 via the web now.

3) What should I do if I can't find the tearsheet I want?

The publisher must send the tearsheet to Jobelephant before we can include the tearsheet in our online system. Some publications (especially the smaller circulation newspapers and trade journals) can take up to a month to send Jobelephant the tearsheet verification. If you feel enough time has elapsed to collect the tearsheet (one week minimum), then contact Jobelephant.com

4) What should I do if I need a newsprint tearsheet for every issue my ad appears in?

Contact Jobelephant.com if you feel enough time has elapsed to collect a tearsheet which hasn't arrived yet (one week minimum).

5) Should I print a copy of each e-tearsheet?

A tearsheet is evidence that your advertisement was published. This evidence will be readily available to you online for five years so you may not need to print a copy. However, your organization may require that you print a copy for your files, for the accounting department, or to meet PERM requirements (see question 10 below).

6) Why is there a nominal fee for ordering a paper tearsheet?

We believe this new system will satisfy the needs of most advertisers and will be a great service for them. For those advertisers that require a printed tearsheet, a $5 charge is imposed to help us recover the costs of finding and delivering a printed version. A paper tearsheet can be requested at the time you place your advertisement or afterwards.

7) What do you recommend if I experience difficulties printing the PDF of my tearsheet?

In the print setup for Acrobat Reader, click on the Advance button and check the box to "Print as Image."

8) The PDF is hard to read - what can I do about it?

The PDF is formatted to fit on a standard sheet of paper. The fonts must be compressed in order to portray the entire page. Smaller ads are best viewed on your computer.

9) How long will tearsheets be available online?

Starting July, 2006, E-tearsheets will be accessible online for five years.

10) Don't I need an original, printed tearsheet to meet immigration requirements?

There are no specific requirements to obtain and maintain original, printed tearsheets of your advertisements if you are petitioning an employee to be granted permanent resident status under the Permanent Labor Certification Process. While documentation may certainly be required under audit, copies of advertisements are acceptable as long as the advertisement contains all required information. A printout of the PDF file containing your tearsheet is sufficient to meet the documentation requirement. While you may choose to print an e-tearsheet yourself with every advertisement you run, you don't have to as e-tearsheets will be accessible online for five years.

11) How will this change affect the invoicing?

The hard copies of invoices will still arrive by US Mail although tearsheets will not accompany them.

12) How much will this cost?

There will be no change to the e-invoicing at all. Only if you request to received hard copies of tearsheets will there be a $5/ad fee after January 1, 2007.

13) Is the employer permitted to use an electronic or web-based national professional journal instead of a print journal when conducting recruitment under 20 CFR 656.18, Optional special recruitment and documentation procedures for college and university teachers?

Yes, an employer may use an electronic or web-based national professional journal to satisfy the provision found at 20 CFR 656.18(b)(3), which requires use of a national professional journal for advertisements for college or university teachers. The electronic or web-based journal’s job listings must be viewable to the public without payment of subscription and/or membership charges. The advertisement for the job opportunity for which certification is sought must be posted for at least 30 calendar days on the journal’s website. Documentation of the placement of an advertisement in an electronic or web-based national professional journal must include evidence of the start and end dates of the advertisement placement and the text of the advertisement.


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