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We Are Unique!

As you may or may not know,
most advertising agencies
charge extra fees to place ads.

Jobelephant is internet-based,
and since overhead is extremely low we have no added charges. You can get the benefits of a full service advertising agency without paying a dime more than
doing the work yourself!

What’s unique about us:

Competitors have been around a while, such as Bernard Hodes, Nationwide Advertising, TMP Worldwide, McFrank & Williams, Shaker, to name a few. (Visit RedBooks for more)

Jobelephant's business model is unique because we don't charge our clients anything for our services. We bill our clients at their earned rate based upon the publisher's official rate card. Like other agencies, we receive a 15% agency commission from the publisher. Most agencies mark up the cost of each ad from 5-25%. We don't. We are profitable without needing to add fees. See Pricing for details.
  • Graphic artistry for display advertising

  • Overall recruitment
    advertising facilitation

  • Quick turnaround time through digital workflow

  • One contact person who knows your advertising

  • Assurance of receiving the lowest available rates from the publishers

  • Campaign planning

  • Tearsheets (proofs) and itemized billing from one vendor

  • Budget management

  • Specialization in internet recruitment advertising

  • Unbiased suggestions to help maximize your advertising dollar

Our Services:
  • Place ads in print/newspapers - you pay the same as when calling the paper directly. The advantage is you don't have to worry about prepayment, or knowing deadlines, rate cards, column sizes, special offers, when is the best time to run, which keyword is correct, etc.

  • Placing ads online - even if you already have a contract with sites like monster.com or hotjobs.com, we can be your source for one-stop-shopping. Post a position only once and save time hunting down the best websites while also having the ability to track the cost of each position.
  • We keep you informed of all recruitment advertising opportunities such as bannered sections, discounted rates, job fairs, career events, and even online-only events.

  • We proofread and provide tearsheets for every ad placed - yes, the online ads too.

  • We post your ads within minutes. Upon your authorization, your ads are digitally sent directly to the publishers. There are no artificial deadlines.
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