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We take the WORK
out of your job!

We are the recruitment advertising experts, so you
don't have to be.

Whether you need to place ads in local newspapers, major trade journals or online only, we can do all of your recruitment advertising for you at the same price you would pay when doing it yourself. read more

  We can place your ads anywhere!

Recruiters know that the combined use of print and online advertising is a necessity for successful hires. We monitor thousands of newspapers, trade journals and websites worldwide to provide recruitment solutions that address your unique requirements.

Through our proprietary network we have direct contact with over 2,000 publications, each with its own 4 to 20 page rate card explaining their pricing options.

As your agency, not only do we sort through this information to provide you with the lowest possible rates but we also make suggestions that may lower your rates further.


How it works:

  1. Send your recruitment advertising requests to Jobelephant.com for quotes via email (including job announcement, job descriptions, along with instructions such as whether or not Jobelephant should edit, etc.).

  2. Jobelephant will email back quotes for every ad request along with any suggestions/recommendations.

  3. You email back your authorization. Or if you have changes, we resend quotes until they're absolutely perfect.

  4. Jobelephant places your ads per your approved schedule with all media (newspapers, trade journals, online job boards).

  5. After confirming the precise cost of each ad, Jobelephant emails you (and can cc: anyone else you prefer) an invoice for that week's advertising.

  6. You can then log in to Jobelephant's electronic tearsheets website to view/print proof of publication for each ad.

You are informed and maintain control of all your advertising from start to finish. Depending on the scope of the order, quotes are sent within the hour.

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